There are two types of laminitis, one caused by dietary overloads and the other caused by mechanical imbalance in the horse. 

The most evident manifestation of Laminitis is the complete deterioration of hoof quality. Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ has 40mg of biotin per serving... more than most leading hoof supplements. The biotin, coupled with methionine and zinc, helps to strengthen and restore hoof integrity. In addition, the prebiotics and probiotics in Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ ensure that these micronutrients are absorbed properly.

The health of the frog is often overlooked in healing the horse with Laminitis. Studies have shown that a healthy frog can prevent the recurrence of Laminitis. The full spectrum of amino acids in Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ help restore the tissue in the damaged hoof. In addition, cutting edge research now links the benefits of Milk Thistle in helping prevent Laminitis. This research which was carried out in Austria showed that milk thistle has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which may well help combat the effects caused by endotoxins. It is these endotoxins that damage a horse's sensitive lamellar tissue which is the part of the foot that's affected by Laminitis.

Gastrointestinal disturbances related to overconsumption of carbohydrates such as rich pasture are known to trigger Laminitis. Using a probiotic can actually lower the risk of recurring Laminitis by helping to preserve intestinal health and may assist in the efficient and proper absorption of carbohydrates.

Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ has saccharomyces cerevisiae which works in the cecum, reducing the effects of hindgut imbalances which can lead to Laminitis.

In both types of Laminitis the horse leans back on his heels, causing heavy strain on the joints, ligaments and tendons. Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ contains MSM which reduces the inflammation caused by Laminitis and helps support the health of the stressed joints, ligaments and tendons.

Laminitic horses have significant pain which results in stress and restlessness. Laminitic horses should be periodically lying down and have limited movement, however they are often too agitated to do what is best for their recovery. Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ contains Magnesium, Tryptophan and the full range of B vitamins which are helpful in calming horses so they can be encouraged to rest.

Laminitis is a serious medical challenge that affects multiple aspects of your horse’s health.Equine Synergy MEGA BIOTIN+ is the most comprehensive supplement to address the many nutritional challenges presented by equine Laminitis.

Do you have a specific nutrition-related question? Feel free to ask our nutritionist and, if the question is medical, we will refer the query to our consulting veterinarian.

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