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Endurance Rider

Tracey Lewis has been a national level endurance rider for many years, enjoying numerous wins and successes with her amazing horse and soul mate Bhakir.

Last year, sadly, Tracey suffered a serious equipment induced injury to her legs, causing compartmental syndrome and the risk that she could never walk or ride again.

However the story has a happy ending☺...

Within 9 months, Tracey was back on Bhakir and testing her post surgery legs.

Tracey faced the challenge of getting Bhakir back into top condition. He had been in a field for almost one year, and he needed all new muscles to begin work again with his recovering rider. In Spring 2019, she started to give him HEAD TO HOOF™ FORMULA to help him build muscle, recover quickly, maximise his nutrient absorption and to assist his body with adapting to the rigors of renewed training. He needed strong hooves for the long endurance rides and a focused mind as he re-entered work after the long break.

In just a few months, in late Summer 2019, Tracey braved her first 40K.

Not only did Tracey WIN the ride (by an unheard of 10 minute margin!) but her horse, Bhakir, was awarded the title of "BEST CONDITION"!

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