Equine Synergy

for a healthy horse from head to hoof

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Throughout all our products you will find the same dedication to providing you with a healthy horse, from head to hoof.

Our Range

EQUINE SYNERGY - for a healthy horse from head to hoof


Our Range


The ultimate "ALL IN ONE" supplement. We have been working with scientists on 4 continents to devise a supplement that benefits the entire horse, with recommended levels of cutting-edge nutrients that are in the natural spectrum of the equine diet. HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula supports the optimal health of your horse, and is a holistic approach to total equine health.
Our HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula is available in 2 handy sizes: 5.4kg and 1.8kg.

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Comprehensive nutritional support for equine endocrine and immune systems. Critical components of immune function, the building blocks of lean muscle mass which may discourage abnormal fat deposition, important for healthy hooves and laminae. Critical nutrients for pancreatic health along with joint and digestive aid. Low glycemic index,with no added sugars. Gluten and glucosamine free.

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Senior Wellbeing+

With a sound nutritional program, many horses can enjoy normal activities well into their senior years. Joint support helps manage the stiffness and discomfort associated with aging. Probiotics assist digestion and maintain condition. Aging horses need antioxidants like vitamins C, and amino acids to support healthy tissue and immune health. With Senior Wellbeing+ we hope to ensure that your horses can live the longest, happiest, most comfortable life well into his golden years.

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Mega Biotin+

A truly comprehensive approach to hoof health and integrity. 40 mg of biotin per serving in addition to zinc and methionine. MSM to provide extra help for structural proteins in the hoof. A good source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals; nutrients which helps maximise absorption, to strengthen hoof walls and repair cracked hooves. The inclusion of Milk Thistle also provides a protective element against Laminitis. Complete and total hoof care.

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Mega Boswellia+

Mega Boswellia+ contains high levels of Boswellia Serrata, an ancient ingredient known to support joint mobility in horses. It also contains Rosehips and MSM, cutting edge ingredients that work in synergy with the Boswellia. Mega Boswellia+ provides your horse a three-pronged natural approach to reducing pain and inflammation, and a safe, healthy alternative to harsh drugs and NSAIDS.
Our mega Boswellia+ is available in 2 handy sizes: 910g and 1.8kg

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Designed to ease Equine Anxiety. calm-ease+ with Ashwagandha, B-Vitamins and Calming Adaptogenic Herbs that help to calm and focus your horse’s mind. calm-ease+ can reduce physiologic stress, enhance your horse’s sense of well-being and improve his willingness to work.

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New BE COOL Cookies

Designed to assist horses during new, challenging or stressful situations such as clinics, competitions, shoeing, and travelling. Equine Synergy BE COOL COOKIES For A Calmer Cooler Horse with Ashwagandha and B Vitamins contain the “adaptogenic” herb Ashwagandha which, when used regularly, may assist in the rehabilitation of horses with vices such as crib-biting, weaving, wind-sucking or horses that have experienced a previous trauma.

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New Movin' and Groovin' Joint Cookies

Equine Synergy MOVIN' and GROOVIN' JOINT COOKIES will keep your horse Movin’ and Groovin’ !

Treat your horse with these tasty equine cookies while supporting healthier and more comfortable joints.

Just don't tell you horse that they are healthy 😂

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Our economy bulk packs

Equine Synergy 100% Pure Spirulina Powder:
High Potency Nutrition to Enhance Health and Bolster Immune System

Equine Synergy 100% Pure Stone-Ground Rosehip Powder:
For Equine Health and Joint Support

Equine Synergy 100% Pure All Natural Boswellia Powder:
For Effective Control of Pain and Inflammation

Equine Synergy 100% Pure Stone-Ground Milk Thistle Powder:
For Detoxification, Immune Support and Liver Health

Equine Synergy Organic Ashwagandha Calmer for Horses:
For A More Relaxed, More Focused, More Willing Horse

Equine Synergy 100% Pure Rapid Effect MSM Powder:
For Optimal Joint Health and Reduction of Pain and Inflammation

Equine Synergy 100% Pure Hemp Conditioning Protein Powder for Horses and Ponies:
To Develop Topline, Encourage Muscle Growth and for a Shiny Healthy Coat

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