Cushing’s Disease

support for equine endocrine & immune systems

Cushing’s is a disorder that can devastate the health of the horse on multiple levels because it affects so many parts of the body. Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA is a unique supplement because it synergistically addresses the health of the entire horse as it faces the challenges of Cushing’s Disease.

The first consideration for any horse with Cushing’s is poor hoof health, because horses with Cushing’s are very prone to Laminitis. (See our section on Laminitis). Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA has 40mg of Biotin per serving... more than most leading hoof supplements. Biotin Methionine and Zinc, all in Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA, are the three nutrients most often cited for hoof health and integrity. Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA now also contains Milk Thistle, a very powerful tool in the fight against Laminitis. Cutting edge research has identified that Milk Thistle, a strong detoxifying agent, provides vital protection against Laminitis, by helping to prevent endotoxins from damaging the sensitive laminae in the horse's hoof. It may also improve insulin sensitivity and support metabolic health... all of which are affected by Cushing's disease.

Another consideration in Cushing’s Disease is dramatic loss of condition and failing musculature. Cushing’s horses desperately require supportive levels of amino acids such as Lysine, Methionine, and Threonine to encourage lean muscle mass and combat abnormal fat deposition. Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA contains high levels of all the essential amino acids which are the building blocks of muscles, even in a medically challenged situation.

Cushing’s horses have depressed immune systems and are much more susceptible to infections both oral and respiratory. Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA contains amino acids which are critical to the immune system and necessary to fight infections. Another ingredient in Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA is Fenugreek, which has been used for centuries to encourage respiratory health in equines.

Finally, many Cushing’s horses are older and don’t absorb nutrients well. Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA has Prebiotics and Probiotics because gut health is the basis of good nutritional status.

Some other considerations:

Joint supplements containing Glucosamine have led to a rise in the glycemic index in humans. While we don’t know if the same thing happens in horses, if your horse has Cushing’s you might consider using a joint supplement that doesn’t contain Glucosamine.

Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA contains Rosehips and MSM which we feel are better options when addressing the importance of joint health.

Magnesium and Chromium might help reduce the typical cresty neck and fat pads seen in Cushing’s horses, by reducing the glycemic response in the bloodstream according to many equine scientists.

According to Bonnie R. Rush, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, of Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, “Dietary supplementation with Chromium will improve peripheral pancreatic function and glucose tolerance”. Furthermore, recent study results from Colorado State University revealed improved blood sugar response when mares received a supplement containing Chromium.

Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA contains excellent natural sources of both Magnesium and Chromium via its unique combination of equine superfoods.

For a horse suffering from a critical systemic disorder like Cushing’s Disease, you might well consider trying Equine Synergy CUSH-EASE+ FORMULA  

Do you have a specific nutrition-related question? Feel free to ask our nutritionist and, if the question is medical, we will refer the query to our consulting veterinarian.

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