Equine Synergy


calm-ease+ from Equine Synergy is a highly effective calming aid, with Ashwagandha, B-Vitamins, and Calming Adaptogenic Herbs that help to calm and focus your horse’s mind.

calm-ease+ can reduce physiologic stress, enhance your horse’s sense of well-being and improve his willingness to work.

calm-ease+ may help a horse that:
• Is prone to bolting
• Stresses when ridden alone
• Gets tense at competitions
• Has separation anxiety
• Cribs or weaves in stable
• Has a negative work attitude

The Ultimate CALMING Supplement to ease equine anxiety.

Do you have a specific nutrition-related question? Feel free to ask our nutritionist and, if the question is medical, we will refer the query to our consulting veterinarian.

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Senior Horses - Cushing’s Disease - Skin Disorders and Poor Condition - Joint, Tendon and Ligament Complications / Equine Arthritis


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