Equine Synergy

100% Pure All Natural Boswellia Powder

Effective control of pain and inflammation and a safe alternative to Bute or harsh prescription medications. Equine Synergy 100% PURE BOSWELLIA POWDER significantly supports joints and encourages more comfortable, freer movement. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect for comprehensive long-term degenerative joint problems. Helps maintain the musculoskeletal system and the structural composition of connective tissues. Equine Synergy 100% PURE BOSWELLIA POWDER also helps to maintain digestive health.

Pure Boswellia Powder is a natural pain reliever that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic healing for both man and animals. Modern medicine has found that it holds a number of benefits for equine health, with thousands of scientific studies underscoring its value in medical and veterinary use. Equine Synergy 100% PURE BOSWELLIA POWDER can help manage your horse’s chronic joint degeneration, by reducing discomfort and stiffness, without the side effects of harsh prescription medications. It is a safe and effective way to improve your horse’s quality of life.

Equine Synergy 100% PURE BOSWELLIA POWDER can play an important role in maintaining smooth and comfortable joint movement, can be used long-term, and is an excellent choice for the control of pain and inflammation, both chronic and acute.

If your horse is already experiencing degenerative joint symptoms, then Equine Synergy 100% PURE BOSWELLIA POWDER will reduce aches and stiffness while encouraging freedom of movement.

Equine Synergy 100% PURE BOSWELLIA POWDER is sourced from one of the purest species of Boswellia called Boswellia Serrata. Our superior quality powder is derived from the resin of the distinctive Boswellia tree that grows only in pristine mountainous forests of Kashmir. It is 100% pure and natural and packaged fresh.

Do you have a specific nutrition-related question? Feel free to ask our nutritionist and, if the question is medical, we will refer the query to our consulting veterinarian.

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