Skin Disorders,
Poor Condition

& HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula

Almost any veterinarian will tell you that many skin disorders can be avoided by maintaining a healthy coat and mane. Parasites, funguses, viruses, and bacteria are all attracted to skin that is cracked, dry or irritated.

Owners of horses on Equine Synergy HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula frequently comment that they have the shiniest horse in the yard, and the healthiest coats. In addition many have found that their horses are less likely to get skin related disorders.

We attribute this to the fact that there is such a strong profile of essential amino acids in our product. Equine Synergy HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula contains high levels of amino acids which are the building blocks of healthy skin, mane and coat. It also contains Fenugreek which has been used to promote coat health since Greek times!

Fenugreek is highly fragrant… much like garlic, and there is growing evidence that this may come through the horse’s coat and deter mites and other types of infestation. Horses that are on Equine Synergy Equine Synergy HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula seem much less prone to sweet itch, and mange which can be debilitating to horses and frustrating for owners.

Finally if your horse is exposed to a skin infection, Equine Synergy HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula contains all the essential amino acids to support the immune system and help your horse to effectively fight off pathogens.

For maintaining healthy coat and mane and to help your horse maintain resistance to skin problems, there is no better supplement than Equine Synergy HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula.

Do you have a specific nutrition-related question? Feel free to ask our nutritionist and, if the question is medical, we will refer the query to our consulting veterinarian.

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Before and after Equine Synergy HEAD TO HOOF™ Formula photos. By Caroline Persson, one of our Stars.