Equine Synergy

Rapid Effect 100% Pure MSM Powder

Equine Synergy Rapid Effect 100% PURE MSM POWDER promotes optimal joint health and reduces pain and inflammation, including the symptoms of Arthritis. Equine Synergy Rapid Effect 100% PURE MSM POWDER alleviates stiffness, increases mobility and improves uneven gait and shortened stride. Aids in forming connective tissue and joint cartilage which may prevent further joint degeneration. Accelerates the repair of muscles, tendons and ligaments and hastens recovery after exercise. Equine Synergy Rapid Effect 100% PURE MSM POWDER also improves respiratory health in horses that have allergies to dust, pollen or moulds or horses suffering from heaves.

Your Horse might benefit from MSM if

• Your horse has arthritis.
• Your horse has puffiness around their joints, especially the hocks.
• Your horse has heat or pain in one or more joints.
• Your horse exhibits shortened stride, hollowed back, raised or bobbing head, or uneven paces.
• Your horse shows resistance or reluctance to perform tasks or exhibits a lack of desire to work.
• Your horse requires a very long time to warm up or to lose stiffness.
• Your horse has respiratory allergies like heaves, laboured breathing or coughing.

MSM is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and can assist with joint support, muscle repair, hoof health and skin condition.
MSM supplementation will benefit horses with arthritis, poor hooves or senior horses. Studies show that it can slow the progress of arthritis by preventing cartilage degradation.
MSM can greatly assist sport horses after exercise by helping their muscles to recover more rapidly. It can keep your high-performance horse in top competition shape.
MSM increases circulation which helps with muscle recovery, decreases inflammation and enhances healing. And it very successfully reduces pain, especially in horses suffering from arthritis.
MSM has been used in horses since the 1980s and is regarded as one of the safest equine supplements.

Do you have a specific nutrition-related question? Feel free to ask our nutritionist and, if the question is medical, we will refer the query to our consulting veterinarian.

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